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Zen Drum Healer Combo Zen 9 plus Zen 12 Beautiful Sounds Healing Music Instruments
Zen Drums
Zen Drums
Zen Drums
Zen Drums

Zen Drums

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Zen Drums are created by Dmitry Slonchak based in of Syrzan, Russia, whose company AIST Drums, or Atmospheric Intuitive Steel Tongue Drums, has been dedicated to experimentation and innovation in melodic drum making for over 3 years.  Zen Drums are available in a petite but powerful 9" diameter (Zen 9), or a larger 12" diameter (Zen 12), both with 9 notes, in the very healing Astral scale.   The Zen 9s consistently go out of stock because they are a great portable size, can be handled with one hand and can be easily placed directly on the body for healing sessions.

We offer these wonderful drums individually, or they can be purchased as a Healer Combo of the Zen 9 and Zen 12.  Zen drums have a simple and elegant natural metallic design, and each drum is sold with a complete package:

  • professional quality travel case
  • rubber playing ring (for playing on hard surfaces)
  • 2 playing mallets
  • magic within (read more below) 

All Zen Drums arrive with a fun and surprising feature sealed inside their cavity:  bouncy balls!   This gives the player a very unique option of playing the drum without mallets.  Just turn the drum upside down and move it in small circles in front of you, and the balls will strike the notes from the inside, creating a beautiful improvisational and randomized melody!  


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