Hokema B9 Pocket Kalimba Thumb Piano
Hokema B9 Pocket Kalimba Thumb Piano
Hokema B9 Pocket Kalimba Thumb Piano Travel Case

B9 Pocket Kalimba

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Brighten your life with the sounds of a Hokema Kalimba of any size, an instrument with African roots known in U.S. as a 'Thumb Piano'. At Beautiful Sounds, we love the clean and natural look of these wonderful music instruments made with precision and care by the Hokema family in Germany. Check out the videos for all the smaller Hokema Kalimba models below.

All models now have optional custom travel softbags to protect them in transport to your favorite nature spot, across town to your gig, or just keep them safe from the mighty hands of the little ones in your life!

The B9 is a small versatile kalimba with a solid resonant American cherrywood base. It is the ‘sister’ of the B7 model. The measurements of both instruments are the same but the tuning, number and breadth of the tines differ. The vibrations of the nine tines can be easily felt in the hands. The tuning of the Kalimba B9 is the same as the popular Sansula. It is in A-minor with additional tines tuned to B and F. As all the notes harmonize with each other, there are no wrong notes! The sound of the instrument can be amplified by laying it on or sticking it onto a tabletop or the skin of a drum. B9 Measurements: 4.8 x 3.6 x 1.6 inch


All Hokema Pocket Kalimbas and related accessories ship directly to your door from Woodacre, California.

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