Dream Drum

Dream Drum

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AIST Drums, which stands for (A)tmospheric, (I)ntuitive (S)teel (T)ongue Drums, are created by Dmitry Slonchak based in of Syrzan, Russia. His innovative new Dream Drum line of double tongue melodic drums brings twice as much creation fun with double the notes of similar sized drums. Dream Drums are currently available in a 12" sized steel tongue drum with 13 individual notes, and can be ordered in a simple natural or deep purple design that both show off the unique double tongue layout.  

Dream Drums come shipped with a fun and surprising feature inside their cavity:  rubber balls!  This allows for one to play of the notes in a random pattern by exploring and moving the drum in front of you....no mallets required to play in this style, as the balls begin bouncing within the drum as you move it, and strike the notes from the inside, creating a beautiful improvisational randomized melody!  

The wonderment of a child and dreams of making beautiful music are awakened with this innovative instrument.

Be one of the first people to own a Dream Drum in the U.S., developed from 3 years of dedicated experimentation and passion.

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