Koshi Chimes

Koshi Chimes

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The magnificent Koshi Chime is fast becoming a household chime instrument anyone can play and enjoy around the world, with their popularity soaring. It's no wonder with the Koshi's unique look, natural bamboo beauty and beautiful tones that win people over immediately, transporting the listener to other worlds. They are hand made in a famous workshop at the foot of the Pyrenees mountains in France. A must have for any healing practitioner, but also wonderful for home use. Can be held and played by swinging from a finger with the included ring, or mounted on a hook, branch or other object outside and played by the wind!

Koshi Aqua Chime notes: a d f g a d f a

Koshi Terra Chime notes: g c e f g c e g

Koshi Aria Chime notes: a c e a b c e b

Koshi Ignis Chime notes: g b d g b d g a

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